Friday, September 26, 2008

The 80 Year Old Socialite.

Well, the day has finally come. the one where i am passing up all the eco-friendly, wooden, one of a kind, classic, trendy toys i normally surround gray with, and instead am now replacing them with the cheap, plastic, breakable, toxic, made in china, recalled stuff. the stuff she actually REALLY likes. so yesterday i bought her two things. one called "pretty princess", and the other an ariel doll. both toys sent her over the moon. she has yet to return. she was dripping in fake jewels and stuff i couldn't keep up with, it was breaking so fast. every time she moved i would see glitter just coming off of her. man, this stuff is cheap. but when she put it on, she felt like a million bucks. and that is why i will continue to buy her stuff like this. okay, so the other toy i bought her was an ariel doll. wow, does she love ariel. ariel this, and ariel that. her vitamins are in the shape of ARIEL! she loves the movies, loves anything that looks like ariel, and will eat calamari because we tell her it is mermaid food. so yesterday, graycen came running up to me, with a real urgent tone in her voice saying over and over, "mommy, mommy, i need you, i need you!" i said back, "what, what, gray what is it??" "mommy, i want to be...." (just like me, aww she is about to say, just like her momma. all that i do for her, she wants to be just like me!)... ARIEL! wait, what? omg, "graycen, did you just say, you want to be Ariel?" that is exactly what she said. and well, i love her for it. in her mind, she sees that shiny red hair, and mermaid fin as all she would need to get by in this world. plus, a few moments later she told me that ariel has beautiful boobies, just like me. in her eyes, maybe ariel and i aren't all that different. we both make her day.
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