Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inner Beauty.

Graycen is beautiful. i realized she had a really beautiful face when she was about three minutes old. this face has stopped traffic, made people weep, had grown men fumble for words, had people in hysterical laughter, made people blush... yes i am still talking about my two year old. she has a really amazing face. she is my favorite subject to photograph, as she can transform a normal child activity into something that will cause me to cry. she has an ability far beyond herself, and it comes natural. between jonathan and myself, our goal is that graycen realize her outer beauty much later in life, and that her inner beauty get her the most attention. but that is where graycen is a gem. she is such a little light in this dark world. she has such empathy that we did not have to teach her. she has a calm spirit about her. she will change this world one day. she has already changed ours. today she went in my closet and tore down all the clothes she wanted to wear. i was laughing out loud as i was helping her get dressed in my size large french connection tanks, and my size 9 shoes. she was fumbling around our bedroom laughing at herself saying, "i wanna wear that next, i wanna wear this next!" she was so excited to be in these clothes of mine! i could cry right now thinking about it. what was going through her head?? i wish i knew. see, graycen and i are stuck home all day because last night i washed the outside of her car seat and this morning could not get the thing back on. duh. i know. but anywho, we are home. i went through all my summer stuff and made room in my closet for much more suited clothes for the fall. i have been going 100 miles an hour all day and just put graycen down for a nap. i need some rest, and well, of course, she needs her beauty sleep.
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