Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer's out. popsicles are still in.

Zora Dora. how i wish i had found you at the beginning of the summer. we had the honor today, gray and i, to go and have a wonderful party for our palate. i was dragging this morning. meaning, i only redecorated one whole room of our house, did one load of laundry, made graycen breakfast from scratch, talked to my mom, sister, jonathan, and did puzzles with gray. let's not forget the brisk run around the yard with hudson. like i said, i was dragging. those who know me, understand that i can not sit still. what is that word?? oh yes, rest. i can't do that. so, anyway... i finally found the motivation to get graycen dressed, and throw my hair on top of my head (looking horrible today, i might add) and head out the door. it's one of those days. just perfect. so we headed to beacon. agh... sigh... i heart beacon:) i've never had a bad day there and it's always a sure hit with gray. so we stopped at the deli, split a sandwich out by the street and then headed over to Zora Dora. i walked in and knew right away that i needed this place in my life. no bells, no whistles... just pure home made popsicles. yum. graycen enjoyed every lick of her vanilla beet, while i feasted on a pb + j + milk + choc. chips. this is why diets never worked for me. i live for stuff like this. the moral of this blog is... please, if you can get there. do it... for yourself, for your children. it will broaden their world and their taste buds, all while never knowing it. mean while you know you could win mother of the year over stuff like this. heehee gray, you ate beets today.
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