Monday, October 6, 2008

Jackson Pollock Clothing.

I've been running around like mad all morning packing for graycen and my trip to florida. have i told you that it will be for almost 2 weeks? it's starting to hit me that i am going on a very long vacation with my 2 and a half year old daughter... alone. what am i thinking? i will have lots, and lots, and lots of help when i get there. that is what i am thinking. jonathan is going to hold down the fort while i am basking in the sun, and eating out, and going to disney with gray. poor jonathan. he's such a great man. he tells me, "this is why i work so hard Allison, so that graycen and you can have this life." he makes me happy. man, i am going to miss him. well, in my crazy attempt to get packed for two people for two weeks, i managed to wash 2 loads of mine and graycen's laundry with a green crayola. all of our clothes came out looking like a jackson pollock painting. man, i am so glad that that was the load of all her "good" clothes. and i am sure glad i threw in a couple of my good things in there at the last second trying to save on time. well, i washed those loads two more times, and now i just have really, really clean looking jackson pollock clothes. gray, i always knew you would be a mini artist. now you have the clothes to match. this all seems so small compared to how much i am going to miss my dear, dear jonathan. 
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