Monday, October 20, 2008

pumpkins 101.

i just love fall. pumpkin flavored everything, the crisp air, comfy sweaters, pomegranates, pies, fires, snuggling, and the list goes on. when graycen and i flew in from florida last friday we got a real treat. we flew over the hudson valley peak week and the mountains looked like they were glowing. it was a sight i will never forget. it's really chilly here and we decided to have friends over and take advantage of the "fallness". we went to get pumpkins on saturday and came back to our house and cooked, drank red wine, and had the fire going. the guys watched sports, the ladies cooked, and the kids played. it was perfect. we have such dear friends and were so lucky to have spent the day with them. on sunday, we carved our pumpkin and took naps. later that night jonathan and i watched old woody allen movies by the fire. we spent the day in pajamas and i cooked muffins. it's good to be home and back into our routine. graycen went to school today and was so happy to be back helping her teachers and playing with her friends. after school i took her to the park where she played in the leaves and we watched the ducks on the pond. she's sleeping now and i am going to try and grab a few zzz's myself. 
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