Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sunshine State.

In a blink of an eye. that could sum up my life right now. we are already back from Florida. we spent the last two weeks there. it went by in a blink of an eye. graycen and i were blessed to spend some quality time with our family down south. we were also blessed to have amazing weather when we were there and the availability of my mom, aunts, sister, and grandmother. it was a week of powerful woman, filling my soul and spirit with the motherly, lovingly, godly ways they live, and graycen and i got to soak it all up. there is something about the idea of "it takes a village" that i grew fond of while i was there. it was so natural to be surrounded by so many women who are all on the same page as me... someone to take graycen to the bathroom, so i could keep talking to my sister. someone to keep swimming with her in the pool, so i could go shower. someone to give graycen a bath so i could call jonathan. if i could be granted another set of hands they would be the hands of someone in my family. thank you all for the endless amounts of help i got when i was visiting. this trip was healing, nostalgic, full circle, funny, sad, and a learning experience. while visiting, graycen discovered and mastered the art of the tantrum. by the third day i was wondering what had happened the the graycen i use to know. it was pretty easy to figure out. my tired threats were falling on deaf ears. my threats.... meant nothing. boy, is she smart. the first couple days of my trip we were at my sister's house. we went to disney world, where graycen met every princess from every fairy tale that was ever written. i myself was smitten when she was serenaded by the mad hatter. graycen had also requested that she dress as "snow white" and we took her to down town disney aka another place for parents to blow money faster than it can be made. we ate at rainforest cafe and walked around. all this time, i was snapping away, taking pictures left and right.... only to play around with my camera later that night and accidently delete them all. (insert: nervous breakdown.) okay, well after fixing my camera i braved taking pictures of the rest of our trip. it was absolutely lovely. i came away learning about my family, and strengthening relationships with them on a whole other level. there is no bond like the , "i totally understand how horrible you feel right now that your daughter is screaming in public and every one is looking at you like you shouldn't be allowed to have children" experience to bring you closer together. my family is beautiful. and i am so happy to have given birth to a daughter who will also learn so much from these women. mom, danielle, aunts, and gran. you are all incredible. i stand in awe. i miss florida. 
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