Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Friends.

Jonathan and i were able to go out friday night on a date. my in-laws came over that night around 6:30 to watch gray. that morning i had gotten my hair cut. i felt fresh, and i felt ready for this. i got ready, put on a black shirt, black pants, and my vintage cowboy boots. threw on a coat, and was ready to go. j- came down stairs smelling of burberry brit, and looking so handsome in a green wooly polo sweater. agh, how i miss my husband. day to day, we can go through the motions and rarely take the time we should to reconnect. but friday night, we did. we went out labeling ourselves as best friends first, then husband and wife. we went out to eat, and sat at the bar, having a few drinks. jonathan was making me laugh the kind of laugh where i threw my head back and swore i was gonna choke. this went on.. all... night.. long. it was great. all this while gray was laying snuggy in bed, while her grandmother aka pips,  sang her to sleep and her grandfather aka poppy, kissed her goodnight. gray, i am so glad your parents are able to act as adults and best friends, and be deeply, deeply in love. 
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