Wednesday, November 26, 2008

School Feast.

Last week, gray's school requested that we bring in a white pillow case for the kids to dye for their thanksgiving feast. they turned them into dresses that they wore for their feast. graycen loved hers so much she wore it up until she changed for p.j.'s last night. i have to say that i too was quite smitten with the pillowcase and thought she looked absolutely adorable. i am always so happy that graycen goes to this school. jonathan and i were talking last night how cool it was that they did all that. they cooked a turkey and the kids sat at a long table eating mashed potatoes and veggies. on the car ride home graycen was listing off all the things she was thankful for. here is her list. ( i promise you that i had no influence over this. i just listened.) 1. Jesus 2. daddy jonathan 3. mommy allison 4. hudson 5. ariel 6. cinderella 7. food

... and gray, i am SO thankful for you!
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