Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend was pure bliss.

Oh, we had so much fun this past weekend. love was all around us and jonathan had a nice three days home with gray and i. friday i received the most beautiful flowers in the mail which happened to come in a very cool box, i might add. it was the perfect start to our weekend. saturday, valentine's day morning we all woke up and i made a v-day breakfast of french toast with fresh fruit topped with raspberry syrup and a sprinkle of sugar. it was delish! we gave gray her valentine's candy, we exchanged cards, and jonathan got me my favorite chocolate covered strawberries, which i had been craving all week anticipating that he was going to get me them. we lounged around all day and gray took a nap and jonathan and i watched a movie. it was quiet, it was cozy, it was perfect. sunday night jonathan picked up thai food from out favorite thai restaurant and i enjoyed every bite. mmm... it was so wonderful. jonathan had monday off which was a treat in itself!!! he took graycen to school that morning and we got to hang out alone, at home, on a monday morning! and monday night we all snuggled together watching t.v. in front of the fire recapping on all the love we share for each other. did i mention that i love valentine's day?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Love is in the Air.

Today i am going to list the top 10 reasons of why i am feeling dizzy with love this valentine's.

1. it might be because i have two extra hearts beating in me that i am feeling really lovey dovey.

2. or because i have a husband that, when i declare i am nauseous makes a b-line through the house to grab my pillow, a glass of water, something to suck on, and throws my feet up on his lap and begins to rub away. 

3. wherever i walk in my house i have a big, crazy german shepherd that walks under my feet and lies next to me, always. 

4. i have an insanely bright two year with more perspective on the world than most adults i talk to. 

5. she also has an overabundance of love for God. 

6. i love that my body has brought me through 4 months of this pregnancy already... that. is. just. awesome.

7. i am falling in love with my body, because while i am watching my body transform yet again, and watching the scale go up, and things fitting extra tight- "i am fearfully and wonderfully made."

8. i love Jesus for so many things. He is my number one valentine. He's given me so much responsibility, BECAUSE He loves me too. it's never too late to realize this and do something about it. 

9. I am so in love with Jonathan, and marriage, and the sharing of children, life, burdens, and faith that we get to carry together. it would just be too much to carry alone. 

10. and last but not least, the reason why i am so in love this valentine's is because God, Jonathan, Graycen, and the two little heart beats inside of me, complete me. It's not that i make them. They make me.
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