Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend was pure bliss.

Oh, we had so much fun this past weekend. love was all around us and jonathan had a nice three days home with gray and i. friday i received the most beautiful flowers in the mail which happened to come in a very cool box, i might add. it was the perfect start to our weekend. saturday, valentine's day morning we all woke up and i made a v-day breakfast of french toast with fresh fruit topped with raspberry syrup and a sprinkle of sugar. it was delish! we gave gray her valentine's candy, we exchanged cards, and jonathan got me my favorite chocolate covered strawberries, which i had been craving all week anticipating that he was going to get me them. we lounged around all day and gray took a nap and jonathan and i watched a movie. it was quiet, it was cozy, it was perfect. sunday night jonathan picked up thai food from out favorite thai restaurant and i enjoyed every bite. mmm... it was so wonderful. jonathan had monday off which was a treat in itself!!! he took graycen to school that morning and we got to hang out alone, at home, on a monday morning! and monday night we all snuggled together watching t.v. in front of the fire recapping on all the love we share for each other. did i mention that i love valentine's day?
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