Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring. Ahhh, Spring.

                          "this is the day that the Lord has made."

Petals, buds, lemonade, screen doors, sunny skies, and green grass. Just a few extra incentives to get up in the morning. today is such a beautiful New York spring day. When i can get over the hump of a harsh winter, i realize that seasons are an amazing promise. every year, Spring comes. it comes wrapped in a package of sunshine and songs of birds. Today we got out of the house. finally. i have been struggling with a virus for the past two weeks, and i was flattened out by it. but today, i felt the best i have in weeks. lucky for us, it just happens to be clear, and bright, and 60 degrees. We had a picnic with our friends today, and it was just lovely. the girls tired themselves out running after each other. hugging. skipping. running. laughing. what a beautiful age to watch a child play. i was blessed by what i saw today. i am thankful for the sunshine, and new beginnings. spring has sprung:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a Boy. It's a Boy.

Oh. my. blessings!!!! we are having two boys! ok, really i need a second. let me write that again. we are having two boys! I  have to say- thank God for His plan. before i was even born this was all part of His plan. that idea is just wild! jonathan and i went to the same private school when we were little. i have actually known him since kindergarten, had sleep overs at his house, had dinners with his family, and jumped on his trampoline all by the time i was in fourth grade. in year books we were always two pages apart. who would have ever guessed that those little lives would someday make some lives together of their own. it's just so amazing to me that even then, when big glasses, and tapered jeans were in fashion, God knew that our lives we going to hold much bigger meaning. not separate of one another either, but together. that 18 years later we would fall in love, have graycen, pray for another child, be given two babies, and flawlessly they are boys. I just think that it is the greatest reward that i get to have graycen, and two little boys. the vision of gray holding the hand of one brother on one side and the other hand of her brother on the other side of her is enough to get me to weep. 

I am going to get the babies some clothes today. i was just crying to jonathan telling him that i can't believe that i have made it this far in this pregnancy that i can go buy something tangible for these two. that my body has literally brought healthy life to them, when my own health was in much danger. that all along God was cradling me, knowing how much we needed these little boys, and pushing me along. we brought graycen to see the ultra sound yesterday. it was very important to us that we all find out the news at the same time. and as long as i live i will never forget laying there, looking at gray on jonathan's lap, both of them crying, gasping, hugging, and then looking back at the ultra sound screen, looking back at them, looking back at the screen, and when she announced that they are both boys, graycen threw her hands up over her mouth, gasped, and said, "they are so beautiful, my brothers." those were her exact words. and gray- that is exactly what i was thinking. they are so beautiful, my sons.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Land Before Time.

Saturday, jonathan, graycen, and myself went to the Museum of Natural History. I have been there so many times, but had still forgotten how great it is. and i got to re-live it through the eyes of our almost three year old. the first thing we did when we got there was the Planetarium show. it was so amazing. just absolutely incredible. seriously, at the risk of sounding totally corny, i have to say that i think it was one of the greatest things we have ever done as a family. it was so dark in there, and we were sitting in these huge seats, that i was a little concerned at how graycen would do. but do i know this girl at all? because as soon as the stars came out, i felt a little warm hand grab mine, and we sat there and just watched. she didn't fidget, she didn't budge. she sat perfectly still, along with everyone else in there, (other than a couple 10, 11, 12 year olds who were crying out of fear) and enjoyed every second of the light show. if anyone can make it to this museum, you MUST see the show. it was worth every penny. then we went to see the butterflies. graycen, of course was so excited about it. there was an expert there talking to people about how the butterflies actually come to be, and all the right names for them, and all the stages of it. our adorable brainiac held onto every word, and we eventually had to pull her away so she could see the actual butterflies. she stood around so patiently waiting and wanting for one of them to land on her. i will never get the picture out of my head of her standing so still, with her hands cupped just wishing. sadly, the closest she got was one landing in my hair. after that, we walked around a bit, got a snack, and got ourselves geared up for the whole reason why we came to begin with: the dinosaurs! graycen went bananas! i don't think i have ever seen her so excited, or so well behaved. she was just holding our hands, going around laughing, gasping, jumping!!! my goodness this girl loves the prehistorics! i don't really know where her love for the oversized, fossilized beings came from. but it is most endearing. after a long day on our feet we headed over to pinkberry for a delicious treat. after all, she had earned it. we got home around 9 o'clock that night and we all went straight to bed. it was a BIG day and just flawless.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cafe Frida- You made my mouth water.

So there's the belly. big, plump, round, and juicy. oh no, wait. that's the food i ate yesterday. we took gray to the Museum of Natural History saturday. having 1,001 memories of myself there as a child, i knew i had to make it perfect for her. (more on that later.) we ate lunch at Cafe Frida on the upper west side. it was so good that i have to write about it. okay, c'mon, i am pregnant. food= love.  we were seated in the balcony first of all. for manhattan, that is a dream. open space, and lots to look at. often you will sacrifice claustrophobia in this city for good food. but here, you don't have to. we started with guacamole. if anyone knows me, they know about my dear love for the avocado. to me, along with the grapefruit, it is one of God's perfect creations. we ate it up. graycen was actually licking the spoon when it was all gone. you see, i've passed my avocado obsession on to her... and am happy to say, probably to these next two as well. i had chicken tacos. achiote bitter orange marinated shredded chicken with their home made tortillas. oh. my. gosh. yum. gray had quesadilla's and the best beans and rice ever. watching her eat was like watching a sporting event. we had to tell her to slow down. and when she was finished, she said, "ugh, i ate too much." jonathan had pork quesadillas with this crazy sauce that we could not figure out what it was. it was just delicious. we were licking our fingers and enjoyed every bite.
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