Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring. Ahhh, Spring.

                          "this is the day that the Lord has made."

Petals, buds, lemonade, screen doors, sunny skies, and green grass. Just a few extra incentives to get up in the morning. today is such a beautiful New York spring day. When i can get over the hump of a harsh winter, i realize that seasons are an amazing promise. every year, Spring comes. it comes wrapped in a package of sunshine and songs of birds. Today we got out of the house. finally. i have been struggling with a virus for the past two weeks, and i was flattened out by it. but today, i felt the best i have in weeks. lucky for us, it just happens to be clear, and bright, and 60 degrees. We had a picnic with our friends today, and it was just lovely. the girls tired themselves out running after each other. hugging. skipping. running. laughing. what a beautiful age to watch a child play. i was blessed by what i saw today. i am thankful for the sunshine, and new beginnings. spring has sprung:)
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