Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Babies.

                (two babies on the left. one baby on the right. 3 babies!)

I met up with my some of my best friends last week to have lunch. one of them is pregnant and the other is a very talented photographer. she got to take some belly pics of us together. today i got to see the pics she had taken, and although i have about 6 chins in every shot, and my arms look like they are ready to explode, i have to admit... the belly looks great. i am so excited i have these and will treasure them forever. thank you heather! and kelli, your belly is gorgeous. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day.

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and gray and i are going to celebrate it by staring at our seedlings. 

 Things i'm proud i've taught my daughter about the earth:

1. That God made it!
2. Respect it.
3. Reuse things. we've turned many an egg carton into various art projects. do that. 
4. to clean up!
5. recycle...we turn cool plastic bottles into vases for flowers we pick out in the yard. 
6. when we can, we go organic.
7. buckets of rain water makes a great watering tool for our garden, plants, flowers...
8. that having fun painting rocks is so much better than anything plastic, batteries needed, or mass produced.
9. that bugs are critical. not to be feared.
10. that she too can make a difference!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ain't No Bunny, Gonna Save You Honey.

We had the greatest weekend! i really love easter. not for the candy, or the pastels, or the beautiful lilies that are in every store, but really as a time to slow down with my family and reflect on the sacrifice that was made by our Jesus, 2000 years ago! i couldn't help but look at those two, (jonathan and graycen) with overwhelming giddiness that i am going to be living eternally with them.  Church was amazing. it was loud, and intense, and powerful. i was overcome by the touch of my husbands hand on my hand, the babies kicking in my belly, graycen in sunday school, and the promise that was made when i decided to accept Jesus into my heart at four years old. that the story of the resurrection is a personal one. and that my children will grow up knowing that they are worth the sacrifice too! 


we colored eggs, and made treats, and visited with family on saturday. graycen hung out with her pop pop and maryanne (my dad and his girlfriend), doing fun garden stuff. maryanne made up little greenhouses with gray for green beans, pumpkins, and sunflowers to grow! i am so excited about these and am like a little kid, checking for seedlings everyday. sunday, after church we went to my in-laws where my mother-in-law cooked up a pregnancy easter lunch dream! i ate 1st, 2nd, and 3rds. she made this strawberry tart that i went to bed and dreamt about last night. yum! unfortunately when we were there, graycen started to complain about an earache. poor thing. this is the third time in 2 months. we went home, stuffed to the brim from good food, and ended the weekend snuggled on the couch with gray. motrin and garlic drops for her ears, and me rubbing her head till she could finally sleep. but all in all, what a wonderful weekend. this week, the weather is suppose to get into the high 60's, and i just got a call from jonathan saying that he just wanted to call to tell me "that i am awesome". i think i will end with that.

...also please pray for jonathan's grandfather. he had to go into the hospital at the end of last week, and as of today is still there. he is having some heart troubles and they are going to try and manage it with medications. i say, we manage it with prayer, and pray for a miracle! that his heart be stronger than ever. his name is George Weeden.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stop Copying Me.

I am officially registered at, and in the target stores. graycen and i had so much fun last night picking stuff out for the babies! it was so great to get her input on everything. she kept saying, "oh that's so cute. i need that for my brothers." 


i've been dealing with some bouts of insomnia recently. at night i can't get comfortable, and the babies kicking is so intense that i just want it to stop! i love feeling it during the day, but last night it actually woke me up, kept me up, and i never fell back asleep. i was watching National Lampoon's European Vacation at 3:00 a.m. i am so tired right now, and am hoping tonight that i sleep through the night. i really, really need to sleep. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Onesies, and washcloths, and bottles, oh my! tomorrow i am going to register for these baby boys! they need so much. i feel like i am starting from scratch. but how much do i love target?? they sell Dwell, born free bottles, baby legs, sock monkeys... i could go on. they've got everything i need. one stop shop. i "heart" you target:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Caboose!

So there they are. the solution to half of my problems. i think i have figured out how to cart around my big 'ol family of three! the joovy big caboose, and two of the maxi- cosi car seats. the car seats are super light weight which is exactly what i need, and the joovy carts two car seats and a ride on step for big sis! and thanks to my lovely, wonderful momma, we are going to enjoy these soon, and can cross them off the list of "to buy". so now... to figure out a car that will carry it all. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are.


i am so glad that graycen loves movies and will sit still, watch, and learn a story that takes 2 hours to tell. i am particularly excited to take her to see this!
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