Thursday, May 21, 2009

nothing like the love of a child.

i guess this picture sums up how i feel graycen is going to be as a big sister. when people ask me if i think she is going to be o.k., i kindly say yes... hesitating going into a full blown explanation of why i think she'll be more than o.k. but PERFECT for the part. from the moment we conceived i feel that we did not choose these roles... that they chose us. i feel that jonathan and i were picked specifically for the role of parents of twins... and boys none the less. and graycen, well obviously she is our first hand picked gift from God. He formed her for this part as big sis, long before we even knew we would ever have another baby. mind blowing. i am going to go and revel in that right now. my heart is expanding beyond any earthly measure. 
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