Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Jonathan's.

Here's an update because it's been a while since i've written on here. the baby's are going to come into the world when they are ready. for the mean time, they are breathing, a good healthy size, and everything about them seems "perfect." we can't wait to meet them. baby D and baby L are going to be loved more than anything. already we think about them and cry, knowing that we jut need them in our lives. we have names for them, but our not telling anyone until they are here in our arms. but, we are calling them, D and L. i've heard so many good lucks, and i hope your gonna have helps in the last couple of weeks that it is making me want to scream. like anything else in my life, my help comes from ABOVE! so please... enough already. we are being blessed two times over, and it's more than i could ever have imagined. my own personal update is that i am measuring big, big, and big! it's so uncomfortable and the heartburn is awful. i need help getting up and down, and really, i just feel like rolling around like a big ball! i wonder to myself if i will go my whole like and never fully understand that from my body, has come three lives... and two at once! it's just absolutely amazing, and reassuring, that God's plan is best. we are following His lead happily. i am feeling more relaxed this week than i have for the past month. we are receiving a lot of help with graycen from my dad and maryanne, that it's allowed jonathan and i time to breath and be together. for myself, when graycen is with them, it's time for me to rest. i realize when i am resting just how badly i need it.


our little peach is taking a few steps back. wanting to play baby and really clingy to me. she's a balance of complete understanding, but in a limited body. i think it will help her understand herself when D and L are actually here. last night we read books in the babies room, and she helped me fold laundry. everything she touched, i left. even though it looks like balls of clothes. i know she is trying and she is proud of that, and so am i.


i have found myself falling more in love with jonathan lately. i was hugging him last night and absolutely giddy with joy that i am carrying his boys. i walk around proudly with graycen, that i get to raise his daughter, our daughter. and now two more children with him. i can't believe that our family is about to be completed by the birth of our sons. and that from nothing jonathan and i have created a family. one that's filled with people you would want on your side. we root for each other, we cheer each other on. we are our biggest fans.
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