Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Latest...

So, the babies are weighing in at 6 lbs and 5.6 lbs. but they tell me that an ultra sound could always be off a bit. but by the looks of me, i am guessing if they are wrong, it's because they weigh more. i am really starting to tip the scale. the doctors are concerned that i might be developing preeclampsia. my blood pressure was a bit higher that normal on monday... 138/78. for me that is high. so i was sent over to triage for the day to be monitored. turns out i am also anemic, and they are checking my blood again for some other things. fun! they put me on "light bed rest" which just consists of me being lazy and letting other people do everything for me. this is so not my personality. but i said i would oblige. i just want my little guys here. i am so big and walking is so difficult and i know if jonathan and graycen were to tell me the truth they would actually say they are over it too. all i do is complain... and if they are lucky i might end up laughing crazily instead of crying. the three of us spent a good part of last night laying in bed and watching graycen be crazy. it was so what i needed. i hadn't laughed like that in a week. thank you my dear jonathan and darling graycen for putting up with me. i just don't know any other way to handle this all at this point. i love you guys:)
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