Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dune and Lars.

We are loving to the maximum capacity. you know the kind of love that is crippling. we ache just looking at our kids, and we can't believe that somehow, with all our wrongs in life, we've received so many perfect beings. our little dune is one month old and weighed at birth 6.6 oz. today, he is 8lbs. he is a handsome, beautiful boy with perfect skin and sharp features. i am sure one day he is going to melt many hearts. lars weighed at birth 6.8 o.z. today he is also 8 lbs. he has a full, round face with huge navy blue eyes. we laugh a lot at him. he is jonathan's spitting image. i am in love with both of them. i am in love with graycen who loves them. and i am head over heels for the man that father's these children. we are a family of five, and the boys fit in amazingly. they add a depth and width to me that i didn't know was there. it's been a great month. happy one month boys!
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