Thursday, September 24, 2009

both of them.

I just can't seem to get enough of these two. what would i have done if i had the opportunity to only know one of them! i know, i know... i would never have known the difference. but having them, looking at them everyday, i can't help but think, "what if it had only been one of you guys." it's a heartbreaking thought. i don't even know why i think about it, except that i am so completely thankful that i have them both. i get to know them both. dune, lars, i am so madly in love with you boys:) momma's one lucky gal.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 months.

The boys had their check-up yesterday. my mother-in-law came along to help me out with it. i was crazy enough to schedule graycen's physical at the same time, thinking kill 3 birds with one stone, ya know? yea, never again. well, it wasn't so bad. gray got her flu shot, and the boys took their vaccines like champs. momma on the other hand shed some tears and prayed the whole time. the boys are now on the chart. having had the set back at 4 weeks old they were afraid it was going to take them some time, but they are both in the 25th percentile. for twins that's great! lars is 10.4 lbs and dune is 10.8 lbs. dune is short and lars in long. i was smiling at these differences. they are unique to themselves. and i celebrate that. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daddy and Lars.

We woke up saturday and the light coming into our room was just right. i grabbed the camera and this is what i got. one day i will look back on these pictures and it will prove i lived it. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th.

We will never forget.... i am holding my babies extra tight today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Get to Keep them:)

Last night, Jonathan and i took everyone out for a walk, and Graycen asked us, "can we keep them? can we keep the babies forever?" i am still getting use to the idea that all three of these little beauties are mine. Lord, what did i do, what could i have done right that you have showed me so much grace... and so much love? entrusting me with these lives, and allowing me to get to know them greater than anyone else in the world. i am beyond blessed. 


i am really getting it lately. i am really getting the balancing act of multiples and a toddler. i can now nurse two babies at once, do graycen's hair, and finish a glass of water, all at the same time. it's like magic... i tell graycen it is. :) 


i wanted to get a little into the boys personalities... i'll start with dune, aka dune buggy, aka sand dune, aka touch down ... so much for a "short name" so there will be no nicknames. dune is a house. he is gaining so much weight so fast and filling out before my eyes. he likes to be up all day, but puts himself to sleep at night. he loves the boobies more than anything in the world, and when he takes a sip of formula, he still acts like he is choking on it, making horrible faces, and gagging. he's been drinking formula for 3 weeks now. he smiles almost constantly, and responded to graycen first. he is her snuggle buddy. he requires the most from me. he likes to be held, kissed, tickled, walked, baby bjorn, co-sleep, rocked, and sang to. he's an absolute light in my life. every minute i thank God for him.

lars, aka, lars man, aka larzipan, aka larsy lars is amazing. absolutely amazing. we say that if he were someone's only child, that they wouldn't skip a beat. we could dine at The Plaza with him and he wouldn't make a peep. he is the most content, peaceful baby i have ever seen in my life. he sleeps like a log, and snores, and makes little purring noises when he eats and sleeps. you can already tell he is getting the most out of life, and loving ever bit of it. he is super funny, and makes the most hilarious faces. he looks just like jonathan, and has a super round head which of course just makes him the cutest thing ever. he loves to be nursed and has really big, round eyes, and when he looks up at me with them, i just about die. 

i keep saying it, that dune and lars and graycen are the best and coolest things to have ever happened to me. i can't believe i get to dedicate my life to watching them grow up and that i get to invest in their futures. i love them all... and am so glad we get to keep them:)
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