Monday, October 19, 2009

If Breastfeeding bothers you, then why don't you put a blanket over your head.

Well there's a lot of football talk going on in this house lately... but mostly it's over the "double football hold." and while jonathan has his football to enjoy; i've got mine:) i knew i wanted to nurse these boys. when i found out their were two of them i didn't know how i was going to do it. i just knew i would try. fingers crossed, out they came, and then.... one baby there, and one baby there... i got the hang of it. 3 months later it's still going strong. i debated on whether to post a picture of it, and with such positive feedback i decided to pick the most G-rated pic. i have to say that it is one of my favorite parts so far of my time with Dune and Lars. there is something so magical, so euphoric about it. it's a natural high, times 2. and while life with twins and a toddler is not always easy... it's time to slow down, look down, and smile. 

p.s. dune, lars- i hope momma didn't just ruin your future with women, as they google your names in 18 years, and this picture pops up. momma loves you:)
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