Friday, January 29, 2010

Name Game.

Why graycen is graycen, dune is dune, and lars is lars.

we named graycen after not knowing what we would call her up until the last month. my sister had just gotten back in touch with a girl that she went to highschool with who's name is grayson. i knew immediately that would be gray's name. we changed the spelling to graycen which reminded me of grace. i thought it looked beautiful written down like that. i liked that it could be used on boys and girls. i also liked that i had never met another graycen, nor had i ever seen it spelled like that. i didn't want a typical little girls name, because i knew that my little girl would be anything but. graycen's middle name is Lane, and that is after my father, Lane DeMuro.

i had known for years that i would have a dune in my life. when i was in college i had a mild obsession with the artist, Diane Arbus. her oldest daughter she named Doone. i didn't know when, or how i would end up using that name... until dune. when i met jonathan i found out his favorite book is "Dune". it was a very common, weird thing between us. also, the first time we hung out was when we went to the city to see the Diane Arbus exhibit at the MOMA. Dune's middle name is Edwin, and that is after my grandfather's middle name on my mother's side.

Lars came to me in a dream. jonathan does a lot of sculpting and use to work a lot with birds. well, bird feathers and bones. but he loves animals and got most of his inspiration for his work from finding dead birds. (really, that is a whole other blog, and pictures will be attached. his work is amazing.) so i really wanted to somehow incorporate that with one of the names of the boys. so lars was going to be "lark" up until about 2 weeks before i delivered. lark is a name of a bird. i went to bed one night and was dreaming of me calling this little boy by the name "lars." i called jonathan at work the next day and i said, "it's not lark, it's not lark! it's going to be lars." and lars he is. his middle name is William, and that is after jonathan's father's middle name.

i think there is a lot in a name. when people ask me the name of the kids i often get the response, "that's different." the few that actually get it, i always think i'd like to further a conversation with them. the one's who say, "oh those are the greatest names." i know i would have to have things in common with those people. for me, it is all in a name.
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