Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Domain name.

i am so happy. last night i took the first step in getting my business off the ground. i set up my own domain. well, don't go there yet because like i said, i just set it up. so picture taking has taken a back seat in the last few years due to a couple of small changes in my life... um, raising three kids. okay, so not very small at all. which would explain my eagerness to jump back in. this is what i went to school for. this is what i thought i would be doing... you know, before i met the man of my dreams, and he slapped a big, shiny ring on my left hand, and got me pregnant with three kids. oh, i do love him so:) okay, i am just so happy! not only are my children the best gift ever just because, but also because through them i have found my greatest passion. having graycen taught me about a whole new world of photography; children's clothing, design intersecting with motherhood, and my complete obsession with children running around in urban areas. my favorite pictures i've taken of gray over the last few years are of her innocence smacked up against the grain of the dirty, filthy subway cars... just for example. see where i am going with this? it's twisted and beautiful. so i imagine that getting this web site perfect, where i am ready for people to judge it, want it, and then hire me, will take about a year. like i said, i've got 6 little eyes, 3 little mouths, and 6 little ears that come first. but soon, around the corner soon, i hope i can photograph other's children, brides, babies, landscape, food... and give people the feeling of what a picture should do. encapsulate time.
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