Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Ending.

i've recently hit some lows. i've been in a bit of a funk lately. it might be the weather. it might be my brain. i don't know. i think it comes down to a combination of things. without getting into too much detail... things have just been looking bleak. jonathan and i are coming to a cross roads about some things. i've been praying about questions, that um, in my opinion are just taking too long to be answered. at least the answers i want to hear. (way to go on my leaning on God right now. um... not really.) i've been digging deep. the further i go, the harder the plunge. it's been emotional, and tiring. and on top of it, dune, lars and i have all been sick for the past week. i mean wednesday was full of sounds like this: "WAAAAAAAAA! WAAAAAA! WAAAAAA!" but crazily i woke up saturday morning and told jonathan that we HAVE to put the babies in their own room. we went to ikea, bought the cribs i should have come home from the hospital and put them in, and today we set up their room built for two. (originally i thought i'd get away with one crib. Ha! that's before i knew i would have big babies who um, might not want to share everything. hmm. go figure.) anyway, below is a picture of Lars bathing. i got to end the week like that. and really, today was pretty much flawless. just soaking up every bit of my family. it brought smiles and laughter all day. and not to mention that jonathan and i are so excited about reclaiming our room. and a big shout out to God tonight for slapping my impatient self with this bible verse: Isaiah 33:6 "He shall be the stability of your times." Well, i think i will end on that note. oh wait! the boys are actually IN their own room right now. like, right now. so i will write tomorrow about that. i think i might go brew some coffee, because i think it's gonna be a long night.
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