Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh no Lars!

See this face? this innocent, darling, yawning face? well, lars has managed to take 10 years off my life in the past couple of days. he is on day three of crawling and i keep hearing myself saying stuff like this, "oh no lars, don't grab that!" and "no lars, let go of that!" and "lars stop!"... i thought i had a couple more months to prepare for this. play pin is being bought THIS weekend! i've said for about 4 months now that lars will be that child. the one who grows up and as a teenager is jumping off the roof into the snow, or practicing in any extreme sport possible. really, this kid makes my heart race. will he be the boy that tells me one day to look as he jumps off the swing set and thinks he can fly? thinking of the possibilities of Lars' future makes me tremble and smile. i imagine him one day to be like Max, from Where the Wild Things Are... or perhaps he'll be more like a wild thing. ;)
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