Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A day at the park.

yesterday the boys and graycen and i went and had a picnic in the park. it was super-dee-duper lovely. i was as happy as a clam all day. we all needed to get out. graycen has had a bit of a cold for the past few days, so i thought some sun on her face would be just what the dr. ordered. i put the boys in the swing together for the first time. they both ended up falling asleep in it. together. no, it doesn't get cuter than that. i could end there. but i won't. it was a perfect day. i so much enjoy being out with them. all three of them. wait, how did i get them again? God- You are AWESOME!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! really, i cried at the park yesterday, thinking back to their pregnancy. thinking back to the 6th week of pregnancy when i would declare to everyone, and anyone who would listen that i did not think i could "do" this pregnancy. how i felt like it was the biggest mistake of my life for getting pregnant again, and how i wanted it all to be over with. well, slap me across my face. what the he** was i thinking!? with God, ALL things are possible. not in a cocky, selfish way, thinking that because i am a believer i can handle and do it all... but totally relying on Him makes it all possible, according to His plan. and can i just say, that the idea of twins would never have been a plan i would have come up with for myself. so, for the record, i think God's plan totally rocked.
... to read about my difficult pregnancy with dune and lars, and my battle with hyperemesis gravidarum read this.
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