Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friend's Birthday.

We went to a good friend's 4th birthday party the other day. it was a lovely time. which only reminds me that graycen turns 4 next month. i can't believe this little girl is turning 4.my dear little peach, who seemed to only be an infant like, yesterday. i have been amazed watching you grow, and there hasn't been a single day in your entire life that hasn't one way or another brought me to tears. i am simply in awe watching you develop and can honestly say that four years later i had no idea i could foster up someone so cool. gray, momma loves your hair and eyes. your skin has always been like milk. the way you smell like grapefruit. your crazy style which is turning out to be impeccable. the way you love your brothers and totally get how special this family is. your an animal lover, a great friend, funny, a wonderful granddaughter, but most of all, you are everything that no one else knows about you. just me. and i get to keep that all close to my heart... whether you turn 4 or 104.

for more pictures from the birthday click here.
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