Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poor Baby.

"Mom kept using the word 'pitiful' around me. for a second there, i was beginning to believe i was!"
"even lars was concerned for me! and he didn't feel well either. he's the best brother ever."
"here i am asleep after 3 hours straight of crying. i was exhausted and decided i needed a rest."

poor dune. so sick all week, and it took us all week to figure out what was wrong with him. nope, it wasn't croup, like his brother lars. it's RSV. and after talking with the dr. she decided that we could take dune home with us and not have to bring him to the hospital if we could handle taking care of him properly. lots of neb. treatments, lots of suctioning his mouth out, lots of medicine. but she said that's all they would do at the hospital for him, and we could do it at home. cause you know, lars was home with CROUP still!!!! it doesn't end. or does it? why am i still amazed and surprised when God works really fast? dune woke up this morning and for the first time in a week he smiled at me, didn't wake up crying, and hasn't cried all day.
such an answer to so many prayers. they put him on the right medicine and we can see it is already working. also, my mom is flying in today to take care of me to help me take care of the boys. i've had a rough, and challenging week. but even mom's need their moms.
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