Thursday, April 29, 2010


A poem by my sister, graycen's aunt danielle.

Crowns and balloons

Mary Poppins on Broadway

Candles in pancakes

and dancing in Subways.

Pizza and dumplings

Gelati on trains

The dress is just perfect,

but what’s in a name?

Graycen, sometimes,

I simply don’t know

the why or the how

as you shine and you glow.

No one at four

has ever amazed

the way that you do

as you dazzle and daze.

strangers and family,

your wonder inspires,

impromptu ballerina,

whose little soul is on fire.

The world, as it meets you

is better off for it.

Happy Birthday, sweet niece,

you more than deserve it.

by, Danielle DeMuro

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