Monday, April 19, 2010

From Past to Present.

Graycen, a week from today you are turning four years old.
i wrote you this letter before i even knew your name. i was 7 months pregnant with your little body.

"to my daughter,

the news of your life came as a surprise. it was the moment that changed my life for eternity. i pictured how you'd look, and how you'd sound. i pictured myself hugging you and kissing the top of your head. at this moment i still have not met you. but you will be coming soon. my body has taken on your shape. i touch it often knowing you are under my layers of skin. i am your home. that does not end when you enter the world. i will be your soft spot to fall onto. there is an overabundance of love i hold for you in my heart. come out when you are ready. until then i will be waiting anxiously.

love, me."

four years later your life has simply amazed me. i love you beyond any earthly comprehension.
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