Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. well, we had a very busy, fun week. we played in the sun everyday, and all got a bit of color on our cheeks. it's making us look and feel healthier:) i think tomorrow we might head to Red Hook. there is a barn there that i want to photograph, and plus it's a very beautiful little town i've heard. sunday i am hoping we make it to church, now that the boys are feeling better. my only fear is i leave them in the nursery with some sick kid and bam, we are right back where we started. our church has a lovely coffee shop, so we might sit in there with the babes and listen to the service. i'm not too sure yet. either way, i am just looking forward to a nice weekend with my family. i hope you all make some relaxing plans for yourselves. enjoy the weekend~

i leave you with a few pictures from Easter morning.

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