Thursday, April 15, 2010

High above the chimney tops...

okay. so here's the deal. i really don't like bridges. yup, never have. like, major anxiety kicks in. not a good feeling. at. all. buuuuut, after much thought i decided to face that fear head on, and walk a bridge, the bridge near my house that i see people walking everyday. and they all make it look so very normal. on the way there i was getting very nervous and talking a mile a minute to graycen, who when we got there asked me what the red marks were all over my chest. "hives" i told her. oh my gosh, i had hives. so below is the picture of the start of the bridge. there and back would be 3.6 miles of glorious nervousness, total suspension over the water, complete vulnerability. here's a picture of graycen who was probably thinking to herself, "i really wish i wasn't stranded all the way up here with her." (her, meaning me.)
but here is reason #1, why i wanted to do it.
and here is reason #2 why i wanted to get my littles up there.
see, we were really doing it.
graycen had to point out that it was a looong way down.
very long way down. gulp. look up now.
phew, we made it to the other side where we found a shady spot under a tree and had a snack and some water.
proof that i actually was there.
and here graycen is shouting that "we did it!" meaning, we had gone all the way to the other side....
... and back.
but look how relaxed these two were. and yes, i will totally be doing this again.
it was so very worth every step.
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