Monday, April 5, 2010

How does your garden grow?

"i am feeling so much better and all i can do is smile about it!""hey dune, we got the best seat in the house!"

Spring has me so excited. it's my favorite time of year in new york. there's a buzz that's back, that was lost all winter. the babies are feeling better, and my mom was just here for a week visiting. graycen and my mom got outside one day and planted some daffodils.

I am so excited to be "dressing up" the front of our house. it's something we've put off the last couple of springs. we recently painted our front door and i'm doing a wild flower garden off to the left of our stairs.

my mom was such a huge help to me when she was here. but mostly i miss her just being around. the influence she has over graycen. the energy she keeps up with all day. the prayers that she pours out all over my family. i miss her so much, that when she left i felt as if my heart had broken.

the flowers that they planted look beautiful, and every time i look at them, and for years to come, i will think of my mom. ( although the last two days i've found myself looking at them and crying.) but it did all our hearts some good to have my mom here.

here is what we are planning for our garden this summer. jonathan made graycen a raised bed to take care of all by herself. she picked out everything she wanted to plant and it will be her responsibility to water it, and care for it.

our garden grows with love, and commitment. whether is be from help for a week, or the consistency of learning how to care for something for the first time.

bottom line: love helps everything grow.

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