Friday, May 7, 2010


like a busy bee. yea, this week has been nutso. me included. i found myself getting deep and heavy with God a couple of times which threw me for a loop, a little outside of my comfort box with the usual things i know about Him. so that was reaaally cool. and jonathan has been working late every night... like, i've been eating dinner with the kids alone. those are always very sad nights for me and my kiddos. but to quickly catch you up... top ten things of the week, (in no particular order.)

1. graycen is loving soccer, and i am loving her loving it.
2. car needs brake work and we get to pay a small $1200 for that problem.
3. i've been really sleepy and for mother's day all i want to do is sleep till the middle of the afternoon and wake up to some hand picked flowers.
3. dune is cutting teeth and wants to be snuggled all night. i both love and hate that.
4. i've been delving deep into this simple line, "i want to be a life that leads." but boy is that HARD!
5. i've been praying all week that i can teach my littles to be leaders and never, ever followers... only follow Jesus, and then in that case, it's all good.
6. the yard needs some major tlc.
7. i miss jonathan and really can't wait to kiss him all weekend.
8. we are going to see the METS play tomorrow! but i think it's suppose to rain:(
9. with all the leaves on the trees and so green, our house on a hill feels like a tree house. this makes me very happy.
10. i came up with a babies first birthday theme for dune and lars. i love parties and planning them. and i think this one will top the cake:)

everyone have a beautiful mothers day. and remember, every mother is a working mother.

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