Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gray's Garden.

Veggie Overdosing...

how to build a salad.

step one... not this way.

not this way either, but look how beautiful our pumpkin patch looks.

step one. like this. grow beautiful lettuce.

step two. let all the little hands you have near you get involved.

step three. watch the tiniest ones get dirty.

... or mesmerized.

step four. pick everything that's ripe.

step five. organic lettuce, but still needs a wash.

step six. beautiful onions.

step seven. kaleidoscope carrots, beautiful touch. and tasty.
mix whatever else you have, for us it was broccoli, tomatoes, roasted corn, and cucumbers. and enjoy:)

it's so important right now for me to be veggie overdosing. it's giving me back so much of what the chemo took (minus the tumors) and allowing me energy i probably wouldn't have if i was snacking on anything i can't pronounce. all this stuff came from Gray's Garden. the one we let her have control over months ago that i wrote about. i am so happy i have the stomach now to enjoy the flavors of her efforts. praise God!
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