Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because this is gonna be a whole other type of healing!

We are moving next thursday to Florida! and yes, we are super excited, and yes we are going a mile a minute, and yes i have found a great cancer center, and church, and christian school for gray, and house, and neighborhood.... and i could go on and on! we are happy. buuuut, it will only be me and the kids this year. i am going to need a ton of help over the next twelve months with cat scans, and dr.'s visits, and i just want to be near my family. although we will miss jonathan, he is going to stay here and visit us once a month, and we'll be renting for a year. i will be near all of my family... dinner's with my sister, church with my mom, lunch with my aunt, beach at my grandmother's house. i need to be lifted up and this team of women are more than ready to step in and help. there's a new baby girl coming in the family soon and i will be there. i will actually be there to meet her! we've missed so much being away, but this year will be such an awesome way to reconnect. i will be walking everywhere, and breathing in the salty, sticky air that will leave an eternal smile on my face. i feel good about this. i need this. this is a healing of a whole other kind. sudden, yes. but necessary? absolutely. God is already opening doors. i trust Him fully.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life's A Beach.

There is major healing of all sorts when i look at these three little faces. God shines on them!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

okay, a few words... quite possibly the sweetest children ever.

Monday, August 16, 2010


"If you're a bird. I'm a bird."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Grey Gardens Birthday.

I had a great desire for my birthday this year. Grey Gardens. My sister, mother, and graycen spared no expense and will having me laughing for years to come. by the end of the night we wondered, were we the crazy ones?

Cast of characters (in no particular order.)

the littlest edie, played by Graycen Weeden.

the crazy sister, played by Allison Weeden. no one knew about her, but who they got to come out of the insane asylum for one night... her birthday, although the irony is she never wants to grow up and has problems believing she is anything over the age of 12.

Big Edith, played by Eileen Johnson

Little Edie, played by Danielle DeMuro

instead of "happy birthday" they sang, "Tea for two and two for teaaaaaa"

quite possibly the hardest i've laughed in months. and having missed my real birthday due to chemo and radiation last month, we had a grand old time this time around.

We Heart Zora Dora's:)

We love Zora Dora's and the other day my mom and sister helped me take the kids so the boys could eat their first Zora Dora pops. lucky them. we all had delicious, unique flavors that we gobbled down as we wiped the sweat off our brows. it was a hot day and that cooled us off and made our bellies leap with joy!

if you haven't been yet, GO! get two! you can't just pick one. they are so "delish", as graycen says.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Farmer's Market.

started here:

Look how beautiful these colors are. i bought almost everything at this table...

came home, and jonathan started a fire.

he fired up the grill...

while i was inside making this, with the yellow tomatoes i bought earlier, and this crusty, big loaf of bread. i tossed the tomatoes with mozzarella, and fresh mint from our garden. then poured it over broiled garlic toast.

then i took the peaches that i got and cut them and coated them in honey. earlier in the day i had taken the blackberries and soaked them for hours in honey. then i grilled the peaches, and scooped vanilla bean ice cream on them.

i love cooking for my family. i love cooking fresh, guilt free food that we can all walk away from feeling happy, healthy, and completely satisfied. here's to great farmer's markets!
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