Friday, August 6, 2010


My mom, sister, and i took the kids to the aquarium about 2 weeks ago when i was having one of my "better" days, and it totally paid off. graycen loved every part of it, but most surprisingly, dune and lars were going bananas! they were having the most fun!

this became one of my favorite pictures of the boys. it captures their wonder and awe, and their love for each other.

dune said, "oooooo", over everything!

pressed to the glass.

graycen's fisherman.

taking a break.

laughing his butt off:)

more "oooooo's"

i am still "oooo"-ing over it. it's been so difficult on all of us to be going through cancer, but it's moments like this that begin to give us our life back.
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