Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because this is gonna be a whole other type of healing!

We are moving next thursday to Florida! and yes, we are super excited, and yes we are going a mile a minute, and yes i have found a great cancer center, and church, and christian school for gray, and house, and neighborhood.... and i could go on and on! we are happy. buuuut, it will only be me and the kids this year. i am going to need a ton of help over the next twelve months with cat scans, and dr.'s visits, and i just want to be near my family. although we will miss jonathan, he is going to stay here and visit us once a month, and we'll be renting for a year. i will be near all of my family... dinner's with my sister, church with my mom, lunch with my aunt, beach at my grandmother's house. i need to be lifted up and this team of women are more than ready to step in and help. there's a new baby girl coming in the family soon and i will be there. i will actually be there to meet her! we've missed so much being away, but this year will be such an awesome way to reconnect. i will be walking everywhere, and breathing in the salty, sticky air that will leave an eternal smile on my face. i feel good about this. i need this. this is a healing of a whole other kind. sudden, yes. but necessary? absolutely. God is already opening doors. i trust Him fully.

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