Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Farmer's Market.

started here:

Look how beautiful these colors are. i bought almost everything at this table...

came home, and jonathan started a fire.

he fired up the grill...

while i was inside making this, with the yellow tomatoes i bought earlier, and this crusty, big loaf of bread. i tossed the tomatoes with mozzarella, and fresh mint from our garden. then poured it over broiled garlic toast.

then i took the peaches that i got and cut them and coated them in honey. earlier in the day i had taken the blackberries and soaked them for hours in honey. then i grilled the peaches, and scooped vanilla bean ice cream on them.

i love cooking for my family. i love cooking fresh, guilt free food that we can all walk away from feeling happy, healthy, and completely satisfied. here's to great farmer's markets!
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