Friday, August 13, 2010

Grey Gardens Birthday.

I had a great desire for my birthday this year. Grey Gardens. My sister, mother, and graycen spared no expense and will having me laughing for years to come. by the end of the night we wondered, were we the crazy ones?

Cast of characters (in no particular order.)

the littlest edie, played by Graycen Weeden.

the crazy sister, played by Allison Weeden. no one knew about her, but who they got to come out of the insane asylum for one night... her birthday, although the irony is she never wants to grow up and has problems believing she is anything over the age of 12.

Big Edith, played by Eileen Johnson

Little Edie, played by Danielle DeMuro

instead of "happy birthday" they sang, "Tea for two and two for teaaaaaa"

quite possibly the hardest i've laughed in months. and having missed my real birthday due to chemo and radiation last month, we had a grand old time this time around.
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