Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My sister.

My beautiful sister got engaged over the weekend and i am in blissland for her! no one is more deserving and i am so happy that this marriage is going to happen because two people are deeply in love and committed to getting through this life together. i am so happy for them. i am beyond excited to be moving 40 minutes away from my sister and am going to be able to help her plan this wedding. so far, these images have me giddy:

these mini bow ties for the ring bearer, in this case, ring bearers, from J. Crew

this flower girl dress, also from J. Crew

this giant flower that makes my heart leap!

this dream like dress that any girl would want to be wrapped up in for a day.

and finally, the ring. The Ring. perfect choice for the most lovely person.

and yes, i understand this is her wedding. :)

congrats a thousand times over guys.
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