Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our New Place.

We've moved in. it's been a crazy last three days and i am feeling a bit loopy having said goodbye to jonathan on monday, and putting three kids to bed for the past few nights without him. something feels terribly wrong about that, but i am praying to stay focused and my eyes on the bigger picture: total peace. next few steps will include, graycen getting into school, the boys into a story time, walks galore, and the beach. oh and possibly the most important, seeing my sister as often as possible. for now, this is what we've set up for our surroundings. it feels wonderfully put together, and very much me. and i must not forget the palm trees, oh the palm trees!

the boys room.

graycen's room.

family room.
master bedroom.

the other end of the master bedroom.

there's more, but those parts are still covered in boxes. what fun would that be to look at? will post more when it looks good enough to show:)
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