Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Place to Heal.

Beautiful, Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli

Don’t know how it is You looked at me

And saw the person that I could be.

Awakening my heart

Breaking through the dark.

Suddenly Your grace...

Like sunlight burning at midnight,
Making my life something so
Beautiful, beautiful.
Mercy reaching to save me,
All that I need.
You are so
Beautiful, beautiful

Now there’s a joy inside I can’t contain.
But even perfect days can end in rain.
And though it’s pouring down
I see You through the clouds
Shining on my face.

I have come undone.
But I have just begun.
Changing by Your grace.

-thank you Lord for revealing Yourself to me in my darkest hours and promising me that You are not gonna bail. i serve an amazing God. 
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