Thursday, November 11, 2010


This morning i've...

cleaned up loads of water off the floor after the boys had popped the tops on their sippy cups and chucked them clear across the room.

then i was filling up the bath with water to bathe graycen and came back to notice the clothes i had just folded were floating around in the bath water. 

then while i was getting dressed i was calling for dune, and he wasn't coming. so when i went to look for him i found him under the sink in the cabinet where i keep the towels folded. well the towels weren't folded anymore and everything else was thrown out and on the floor so dune could crawl in their.

then i went to use my toilet and lifted the toilet seat cover to see a bag of unopened cough drops floating in the toilet bowl.

not even kidding.

and so it begins.

life with two mischievous little boys.
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