Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas at The Weeden's.

entry way. 

i made these hearts from felt and buttons for graycen's first christmas. i found a beautiful ornament from anthropologie when she was just 6 months old and it inspired me to make all the decorations for our tree that year. i made these hearts and button garland. i also wanted it super safe in case she was crawling up to it and grabbing things off the tree. i love pulling these out of the box every christmas. it's one of my favorite reminders of her babyness.

who doesn't love christmas nuggets? one for every guest coming or going.

balsam candle.

button garland i made in '06.

that same year, my dad's girlfriend stitched together a matching stocking for graycen. and then following a few years later she made more stockings for dune and lars. i have yet to find anything as wonderful as those stockings. 

felt flowers from anthropologie. i thought they looked especially christmas-y in my favorite white vase.

plates from anthro. place mats from thrift store.

to me, the heart of christmas. where the most memories are made- the kitchen. the more aprons, the better:)

super big felt pillows found this year at pier one. and they are awesome!

almost every one of these has some special meaning. 

i love a toadstool mushroom. and these will forever remind me of dune and lars' 1st birthday. i am happy to see them all over my tree. mushroom ornaments are from West Elm.

this was the first ornament we bought for our baby girl. from this i made every ornament that hung on our tree for her first christmas. when i find this in the box every year, i cry.

and finally, adding new memories with new babies.  little hands hanging ornaments. and most certainly, little hands pulling them off ;)

Oh, how i love christmas! i wish you could smell the pine eucalyptus candle burning in my house right now. the weather here in Florida still feels like a new york summer to me. but tomorrow we are getting a cold front and i couldn't be happier. tonight i bought eggnog for graycen and after i put dune and lars to bed, i plan on pouring her a mug and sitting down to watch rudolph together. it is the most wonderful time of year.
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