Friday, November 26, 2010

Many Thanks. And Much Giving.

 roasted brussel sprouts and grapes.

(i don't know what graycen is doing here. i just know i love this picture!)

handsome little guy.

i've got all i want this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a loved filled, fun filled, belly filled thanksgiving. we certainly did. right now we are heating up left overs, talking about christmas cookies, and opening christmas boxes and being reminded of all the wonderful christmas ornaments we have collected over the years. i love christmas... absolutely love it. i love the wonder and awe in graycen's eyes as she discovers something new to her each year. i love watching dune and lars look at everything for the first time (last year they were so little and still being breastfed.) and i love that this holiday season, i am free of any trace of cancer in my body. we are celebrating all weekend long. it's a glorious time. have a wonderful weekend!
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