Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010.

Happy New Year Everyone. Here's to living a more loving, deep, meaningful year.  And lots of health and happiness.

10. my car- it got me from point A to B every time i got in the car to go anywhere. i do not take that for granted.

9. anthropologie-  with no great meaning in my life, but adding a pretty layer to it for sure:)

8. the sunshine state- family,vitamin d, palm trees, balmy air, and making it convenient to take three kids into the grocery store when new york is getting blasted with snow.

7. Women of Hope- a support group that offers much more than just support. these women get on their knees to pray for each other and through that learning, tackling cancer with a brave face.

6. Ray Stedman- an on-line, daily devotional that has taken my knowledge of God outside the box of a lukewarm faith.

5. Calvary Chapel- not only our church but graycen's school that teaches the Word of God as it was intended.

4. Hudson Valley Oncology- saved my life one chemo at a time. people that blessed me beyond what a job ever requires of a person.

3. Graycen, Dune, and Lars- not just children but a gift from God. these little lives taught me how BIG that God is and by watching and observing them over the past year i have learned that indeed, life is not about me.

2. Jonathan- one day at a time my relationship with my husband has proved invaluable to me. what God had planned for us, no human eye could have seen, or understood. but by stepping out in faith we have learned what love really means.

1. God- is.


* and here's one more for the new year. my mom- the significance of her life to mine can not be put into words. she is responsible for living selflessly so that she could watch my life prosper. i can only pray i can go into this year having learned that that is the most beautiful way one can live their life.
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