Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Review.

hello everyone:) i hope you are settling nicely into your sunday evening. graycen and i are about to put in the Anne Of Green Gables dvd and get under the christmas blanket and snuggle till our hearts are content. we had a fast paced, fun filled, lovely weekend. graycen and i wrapped presents till our fingers hurt last night, and we cooked all sorts of food, did some christmas shopping, went to church, and made it to a birthday party. the boys are already in bed. and i am feeling pretty good about all of that. 

God has been taking my relationship with Him a lot deeper than i would have ever thought i would be ready for. and today at church, He used the service to expose everything that's wrong with me. and i liked it. in fact i praise Him for it. i don't want to live on the surface. i don't mind going uncomfortably deep in my walk with Christ. i actually enjoy it and now strive for it every single day.
so christmas means so much more to me than any gift money could buy. for one thing this year, i am alive. i am a cancer survivor celebrating christmas, and that is not to be taken lightly. but the real gift is my eternal life. the fact that this christmas season is about God putting on flesh, as my pastor talked about today. i hope as you get closer to the day of christmas, that you don't lose sight of what the day is really about. or maybe you've never even thought about it as anything other than giving and getting gifts. the ultimate gift has already been paid for you. Jesus' birth changed everything. think about it.

also, i included some really cute pictures of lars. can you believe i get to kiss on that face whenever i feel like it?
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