Friday, December 16, 2011

This Is Home.

we're home. waking up in this house feels more than right. it feels like everything that has ever occurred in jonathan and my life has led up to the front door of this house. here we will see life grow. we will be witness to the seasons changing in our lives and the walls that contain them. the path and goals will be accompanied by the squeak of the floor boards. here we will do our living as our house continues to age. reality of the maturity of this home came the first night we were here. a cold draft came creeping in through every window. the oven is broken, and the bathroom upstairs is barely usable. i guess i have a soft spot in my heart for things that are longing to be rebuilt. i guess i see it as a bit like me in that sense. the holding on for what's to come, the yearning for the remodeling. the joy that comes in the morning... 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Goodbye Driveway.

goodbye driveway. you were the host and star to over 1,000 make believe stories. you captured our hearts with all of your stones, and made us curse under our breathe when we'd have to shovel you out from under the snow. we drove down you with two new baby boys in tow bringing them home for the first time. you served as a place for pacing when i was diagnosed with cancer. we ran you over and over giggling louder and louder over the past 5 years, and we are ready to drive off of you for good. tomorrow we drive up a new driveway. a much shorter driveway. we are ready. i am excited. i want to move on. i am looking forward to our new address and all the beautiful things it holds in its ground, like for one, i'll have a cedar closet. that's right, a cedar closet. i am ready to drink tea beneath a new maple tree, and i am ready to fasten a tire to the big oak in the front and listen to my children play through open windows come spring. i am ready for a change in chapters, or perhaps the start of a whole new book. so, we move on.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts.

 dune and lars found some of their christmas presents this morning. i obviously failed to understand the double super powers they hold as twins and did not hide them well enough. but they were enjoying the little vintage golden books i picked up for them a couple weeks ago, that instead of stopping them, i decided to photograph them. i hope this is just a taste of what Christmas morning will be like this year. they were so excited that i got them "Eggbert" books, but really they were Humpty Dumpty. heehee


today i was hoping that you would click on the link provided and read a bit about Compassion International. you can learn there how to sponsor a child or even buy cows or sheep for families in need. this year we are getting involved and we are buying sheep for a family that could so greatly benefit from that. all it takes for us to do that is to forgo a meal or two out at a restaurant to help these families that are struggling. won't you prayerfully consider doing the same, or more? i am praying God keeps our hearts, ears, and eyes open to what really matters this Christmas. Give joyfully! click HERE to find out more.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eggbert And Other Things That Make Me Feel Like A Kid.

we took the kids, (we took ourselves) to see Eggbert the other day. oh, and it did not disappoint. Eggbert was a big deal for jonathan and i when we were kids. our parents took us every year, and every year we would try to figure out how he knew our names (we wore name tags), and every year we would collect an ornament to add to our Eggbert ornament collection. i think i read on the web site that they stopped bringing Eggbert out for Christmas time in the 90's. but it was something we both brought up every year. Eggbert the talking Egg! my sister and i have such good memories of Eggbert that there hasn't been a Christmas that's passed where we haven't talked about that little egg. so naturally when we found out that this year they would start it again, we got so excited! we found out fast that we were excited, and so was everyone else! there were long lines, and we went first thing in the morning. i heard that later on in the day it gets really long, like 2 hours long. we were in and out in about 30 minutes. my kids loved it. dune is still saying, "eggberrrrt" in his sweet little voice. my kids also like any place where there are farm animals and we got to pet a few. Graycen told me later on though, "mom i was kind of scared of that Egg." hahahaha, exactly! Jonathan and i think that the average age between us was 10 when we figured out how Eggbert knew our names. it took Graycen by the time they were finishing writing her name on her name tag to look at me and say, "mom, that's how he knows our names. they are written on our name tags." oh, right. we already know she is smarter than we were, and are . 

later we came home and my mother in law came over and we made Christmas cookies. Jonathan finished up the lights outside our house and when it got dark i brought Graycen over to see it. i stood in the driveway with her and i felt nostalgic and warm, alive and right.

to find out more about Eggbert click here

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bath.

never in my whole life did i imagine that i would be able to be a part of something like this... raising two little boys, side by side, adventures, and love pouring out. this morning lars woke up so miserable. i put them in the bath and that seemed to solve every problem they've ever had in their tiny lives. baths can do that, you know? we listened to "somewhere over the rainbow" a half a dozen times, and i sat back and watched this all unfold. what a gift today has been. 
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