Monday, January 24, 2011

One on One.

one of my favorite things in the entire world is spending one on one time with this girl. my heart expands and expands when i get to give her all my attention. i hope i can reciprocate to her what she does to me. when dune and lars were first born i would take her every friday night and we would do something alone, just the two of us. sometimes we would read books at a cafe and sip hot chocolates, sometimes we'd get donuts and make up stories, sometimes we would eat fajitas and see movies. whatever it was, it helped me maintain a close relationship with the person graycen, and not just my daughter graycen. i thank God for her life and the influence she has over me. i fight for her. i long for her. and moments like watching her master the art of the chop stick is most certainly at the top of my most favorite moments list. 

p.s. when i just read this to her she began to cry. i sure love my sweet little girl.
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