Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Shots.

a few days ago i let my boys sit at the table like big shots... without their highchairs. with these two, there is no turning back. i doubt they will ever (willingly) sit in the highchairs ever again. and you know what? i am sort of okay with that. they take up too much space, they are annoying to keep clean, and there are two of them! talking about the highchairs still. ;) it will free up so much space. also, the first night we ate dinner with all of us sat at the table, it was lovely. dune and lars sat across from graycen and i, and i teared up at our little foursome. my boys are getting so big and growing so much and make me such a proud momma. 

can you believe our cheeks are even more pink today than they are in these pictures? we spent the day at the beach, and we had so much fun. i even got a really nice comment from a lady who told me she had enjoyed watching my kids all day and that i was a wonderful mother. it sure beats the usual comments i get like, "i wouldn't want to be you!" or "you've got your hands full." it was nice to be recognized for how i really feel about my children- blessed.

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