Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cherry Milkshakes.

when jonathan was here over the weekend we threw him a little family birthday party. we called it, "dinner and a movie." we popped popcorn, and ate candy, had soda from glass bottles, and made nachos. after jonathan opened his gifts we ate cupcakes and then went to church. it was pretty much perfect. graycen helped me pull it all off by spending some alone time with her dad outside of the house and i prepared everything while the boys napped. i think i can go ahead and speak for jonathan by saying that this was a great birthday and turning 31 was fabulous.


today i took the kids for cherry milkshakes. then we came home and i took a bubble bath with my boys, put them down for a nap, and then gave myself permission to also take one. graycen and i laid in bed together, and the last thing i think* that i remember her saying was, "mommy, mommy, mommy??" it's amazing how much my body craves and still requires some decent rest after all i've been through this past year. i sometimes forget that i went through such rigorous chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. today i felt i needed to say to myself that what i went through was an ordeal that i still need to treat tenderly. 

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